2021. a. ilmunud IPC standardi

2021. a. ilmunud IPC standardi

Saadaval on uus versioon Tööstus 4.0 aluseks olevast standardist IPC-2591

IPC Standardid 2021

2021. aastal ilmunud või uuendatud standardid on siin:

IPC-T-50N, Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic CircuitsIPC-T-50N document is designed to provide definitions for terms commonly used in the electronics industry. The definitions are intended to provide sufficient clarity of detail such that a reader utilizing English as a second language could understand the subtleties of the meaning. IPC-T-50N contains over 550 new or revised terms, including new terminology for via structures, surface mount device types, solder bumps, solder alloys, soldering, dewetting, board fabrication processes and testing.

IPC-1401A, Corporate Social Responsibility Management System StandardThe IPC-1401A standard specifies the requirements and best practice guidelines for an effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) management system to help an enterprise integrate CSR as a customer requirement into products and value chain activities, as well as to identify and manage CSR risks and opportunities through cooperation with customers and suppliers, to enhance the competitive advantages of the enterprise and its supply chain.

IPC-9709A, Guidelines for Acoustic Emission Measurement Method During Mechanical TestingThe IPC-9709A standard guideline document establishes an Acoustic Emission (AE) method to enhance evaluation of the performance and reliability of surface mount attachments of electronic assemblies during mechanical loading.

IPC-6012EA, Automotive Applications Addendum to IPC-6012E Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed BoardsThe IPC-6012EA Addendum, when required by procurement documentation/drawings, supplements or replaces specifically identified requirements of IPC-6012 revision E, for rigid printed boards that must survive the vibration and thermal cycling environments of electronic interconnects within the automotive industry. The addendum includes updated requirements for lifted lands, pattern feature accuracy, dielectric removal (e.g. wicking), solder mask thickness, cleanliness and suitability and reliability testing parameters specific to automotive applications.

IPC-6013E, Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards – IPC-6013E standard covers qualification and performance requirements for flexible printed boards designed to IPC-2221 and IPC-2223. The flexible printed board may be single-sided, double-sided, multilayer or rigid-flex multilayer. All of these constructions may include stiffeners, PTHs, microvias, and blind/buried vias. The IPC-6013E standard incorporates new and updated requirements for final finishes, rigid-to-flex transition zones, foreign inclusions, surface mount land anomalies, plated internal layers, dielectric removal as a function of wicking and etchback, copper filled via structures microvia structures.

IPC-6017A, Qualification and Performance Specification for Printed Boards Containing Embedded Active and Passive CircuitryThe IPC-6017A standard defines the electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements specific to embedded passive and active circuitry in printed boards. These requirements are in addition to the applicable requirements of other performance specification(s) (e.g., J-STD-001).

IPC-1791B, Trusted Electronic Designer, Fabricator and Assembler RequirementsIPC-1791B standard provides minimum requirements, policies and procedures for printed board design, fabrication, and assembly organizations and/or companies to become trusted sources for markets requiring high levels of confidence in the integrity of delivered products.

IPC-4552B, Specification for Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating for Printed Boards – IPC-4552B standard sets the requirements for Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold (ENIG) deposit thickness for applications including soldering, wire bonding, and as a contact finish. IPC-4552B standard is used to specify acceptance criteria to meet performance standards for IPC-6010 family of documents including IPC-6012, IPC-6013 and IPC-6018. The ENIG deposit specified using this document will meet the highest coating durability rating as specified in IPC-J-STD-003 printed board solderability specification.

IPC-2591-Version 1.3, Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) – Establishes the requirements for the omni-directional exchange of information between manufacturing processes and associated host systems for assembly manufacturing. This standard applies to communication between all executable processes in the manufacture of printed board assemblies, automated, semi-automated and manual, and is applicable to related mechanical assembly and transactional processes. IPC-2591, Version 1.3 provides updates to several IPC-CFX messages as well as mandatory and optional IPC-CFX message by equipment type. Visit www.ipc.org/ipc-cfx for software developer resources and information on the equipment validation system for IPC-CFX implementations.

IPC-HDBK-001H, Handbook and Guide to Supplement J-STD-001 – The IPC-HDBK-001H is a companion document to J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies providing guidance and supporting information for the requirements found in the standard. IPC-HDBK-001H is structured to map paragraph-to-paragraph with the standard, it includes the “how-to” and “why” behind many of the criteria in an easy-to-use reference handbook.

IPC-6902, Qualification and Performance Specification for Printed Electronics on Flexible Substrates – Establishes and defines the qualification and performance requirements for printed electronics and the forms of component mounting and interconnecting structures on flexible substrates. IPC-9257 should be purchased along with this standard.

IPC-9257, Requirements for Electrical Testing of Flexible Printed Electronics – Assists in selecting the test equipment, test parameters, test data and fixturing required to perform electrical test(s) on flexible printed electronics. IPC-6902 should be purchased along with this standard.

IPC-J-STD-001HS, Space and Military Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum to IPC J-STD-001H Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic AssembliesSupplements or replaces specifically identified requirements of IPC J-STD-001H requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies that must survive the vibration and thermal cyclic environments of getting to and operating in space and military applications.